Window 7

Cool New Windows 7 Features

Windows 7 has a number of new features that make it a significant upgrade over Windows Vista. Since many of the features were developed as a result of user input, thus far the release of this version of the operating system has been a success. Learning a few tricks to save time and increase productivity […]

Microsoft Word Tips

Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest and greatest version of the powerful software package for home and business use. There are several simple Microsoft Word tips that can make your document stand out in a crowd. An important feature that has been around since the 2007 edition of Microsoft Word is the ability to select […]

Increase your desk space with space saving computer hardware

Are you short on desk space either at your home office or at work? Maybe your coffee cup is perched perilously on your scanner waiting for its moment to strike and end the life of an assortment of expensive electronics? Perhaps you have adequate desk space but are sick of banging your legs into your […]

4 handy tips to boost PC speed

It’s something we’ve all asked: how do I make my PC run faster? After all, a slow PC puts a hamper on user productivity. The common instinctive solutions are to buy additional memory (RAM), play with the computer’s settings (which can cause more harm than good), or to just give up and decide it’s time […]

Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 7 brings big changes to the gadgets that put information and fun like games, news, pictures, and more in the heart of the user computing experience. In Windows Vista, the previous release of the operating system, gadgets were confined to the sidebar. Now with Windows 7 the gadgets are free to roam and the […]

The best way to remove a virus – and how to avoid and prevent infection

Having a PC or laptop infected with a virus can mean a lot more than a slow running machine that crashes without any notice. Your personal or professional information could be compromised making the user a prime target for identity thieves and other unscrupulous persons around the globe. The best offense in virus removal is […]

Become more productive by increasing your screen size

Everyone would love to find a few more hours in the week to spend doing the things we love. Likewise, employers would love to help their employees become more productive and as a result save time and money. Could it be that upgrading the screen size of your computer or using multiple monitors instead of […]

Data Back-up Solutions

There is probably not a more neglected task for individual and business PC users that is more important than data back-up. Data back-ups protect users from lost data due to disk crashes, PC and laptop failure, spilled drinks, and a number of other disasters. Even firms and individuals that are diligent in doing daily back-ups […]

Windows 7 Media Features

Windows 7 includes media features that will allow even novice users to set up complete home media solutions. Homegroup makes networking and file sharing simple. No longer do you need to call your tech-savvy friend to configure all your settings just-so. Homegroup provides auto-discovery of local networked devices (everything connected to your home router, wired […]

Windows 7 Tips

So Santa left you a brand new laptop under the tree this Christmas that runs Windows 7? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new machine. Windows 7 has more options than previous versions for repairing an ailing machine. No longer does a user have to […]