Become more productive by increasing your screen size

Everyone would love to find a few more hours in the week to spend doing the things we love. Likewise, employers would love to help their employees become more productive and as a result save time and money. Could it be that upgrading the screen size of your computer or using multiple monitors instead of one is the answer to finding these elusive extra hours in the week or increasing profits? Well, the University of Utah believes this could very well be the case!

The study they conducted found that moving from single 18-inch traditional-format monitors to 24-inch widescreen displays reduced the time it took to complete a task from 8 hours to 5-1/2 hours. Over the course of a year, that translates to a savings of up to 76 days in production, or about $8,600 per employee (based on a $32,500 annual salary; for people with higher salaries, the savings is greater). “The study revealed that large widescreen or dual-monitor configurations are recommended for use in any situation where multiple documents of information are an ordinary part of work,” said Dr. James A. Anderson, Ph.D., the lead author of the study and a Professor of Communication at the University of Utah. “Given a workforce with varying editing and spreadsheet skills, the 24-inch widescreen appears to be the most solid option overall.”

Given how prominent computer based activity is for people outside of the office these days, gains in productivity can also be realised at home. Less time checking the emails. Less time doing the household accounts and paying bills. Less time surfing the net to find the things you are looking for. If you currently use small monitor at home when going about your computing activities, you may very well be spending needless time that could be saved by using a larger display or dual monitors.

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