Increase your desk space with space saving computer hardware

Are you short on desk space either at your home office or at work? Maybe your coffee cup is perched perilously on your scanner waiting for its moment to strike and end the life of an assortment of expensive electronics? Perhaps you have adequate desk space but are sick of banging your legs into your PC case each time you sit down at your desk? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you might be able to free up some valuable desk space simply by upgrading to a more space conscious computer system.

All-in-one PC’s – no more awkward computer cases!

As the names suggests, all-in-one PC’s do away with the need for both a monitor and computer component case by combining them together into a neat slim line and space conscious PC. You simply plug in a mouse and keyboard into the monitor / component housing and you are away! Apple were probably the pioneers of this concept with the original iMac in 1998, but since then many other computing giants such as HP, Dell and Acer now offer excellent all-in-one PCs. If you have a desktop with a large case or tower, upgrading to a modern all-in-one PC will help free up some valuable work space around your desk. Furthermore, with the advance of technology, having an all-in-one PC doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice performance with a number of all-in-one systems now offering high spec CPUs and graphics cards.

Multi function printers – the end is nigh for the humble scanner and fax

Well it must be said, the end has been nigh for the fax machine for quite some time and I’m sure most people don’t own one anymore. But it’s not uncommon to see standalone scanners every now and then needlessly taking up desk space next to a printer. The solution? A multifunction printer of course! Modern multifunction printers combine printing and scanning ability and in some models the ability to send faxes as well. If your workspace is being compromised by the need to house both a printer and a scanner / fax, upgrading to a multifunction printer is a simple and cheap (have you seen the price of entry level MFPs?) way to claim some additional workspace.

Wireless keyboards and mice – cables are not your friend!

While upgrading to a wireless keyboard and mouse won’t save all that much space compared to the wired variety, what it will do is give a little more freedom to reposition your keyword and mouse to maximise available workspace. If you have never owned a wireless keyboard and mouse before I suggest you give it a try. Once you go wireless, you won’t go back!

Going where no PC has dared to go before!

As well as freeing up desk space, modern space saving computing hardware like the examples above also means the PC can now take pride of place in locations previously unsuited for a computer. Case in point, the kitchen bench. If you have a home with a large open plan kitchen where family often congregate, an all-in-one PC carefully tucked away in the corner of the kitchen bench is a great addition to this popular living area enabling quick access to music and the internet from both ‘hangers on’ in the kitchen and those in the hot seat.

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