IT Solutions

IT Solutions
For organisations with 10 or more computers / workstations, we recommend Customised IT Solutions from Result IT.

Our experience has taught us that what most small businesses are looking for in an IT solutions provider is a business partner that can help implement technology solutions that increase productivity, while at the same time weeding out unnecessary and frivolous IT expenditure. We like to call this ‘More IT for your money’.

One of our greatest strengths is that we are a one stop shop giving us the capability to upgrade and repair existing computing hardware as well as replace it when needed. Our focus on delivering total IT solutions without the need to outsource helps us to deliver affordable IT support often at much more competitive rates than many larger IT support companies.

Increased productivity

Technology should be helping your business to work smarter, not making life difficult. Our IT solution experts have helped countless small businesses work smarter by implementing simple but effective IT solutions focused on enhancing work place productivity.

Reduced costs

Could your business be spending thousands of dollars every year unnecessarily? Advanced Computers are experts at implementing affordable and effective IT solutions designed with cost savings in mind. We excel at sniffing out opportunities to save your business money and as small business is our speciality, we know how precious your money is!

Our capabilities

Advanced Computers offers a broad range of IT solutions designed specifically for small business. Our capabilities include:

Hardware & Software ProcurementIT SupportComputer Repairs, Networking, Server Monitoring, Data Backup, Data Recovery and Antivirus / Virus Removal