Christmas / New Year Trading Hours

We’ll be taking a small break over the Christmas / New Year period with both of our branches closed some days. Detailed below are the trading hours for both our North Shore and Central Auckland branches: Advanced Computers North Shore Closed Christmas Day until we reopen again on the 6th January 2014. Advanced Computers Central […]


6 apps for the deaf and hearing-impaired

Having a hearing impediment shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of your technology. The rise of smartphones and tablets means deaf and hard-of-hearing now have a great range of tools to choose from to make their lives easier. Here are 6 apps that are currently available through the iTunes App store. 1. LouderTV […]

ipad confused

iPad for dummies: a guide for the new user

The iPad is a nifty piece of technology that can be a great help, if you know how to use it, that is! Many people hesitate when it comes to buying a tablet, because they don’t know how to use it, or what it can do. This is where our iPad guide comes in handy. […]


Safeguarding your identity online

Nigerian millionaires looking for your help, bank payments from Russia that didn’t go through, or even Facebook “friends” who want to “reconnect” with you; there are scams for everything out there. Using the internet means you have to be prepared to defend yourself from unscrupulous tricksters who want into your computer, bank account, and identity. […]

iPhone 5

7 common iPhone 5 faults

Apple sold a record five million iPhone 5’s within the first three days they were on sale, but such a huge number of devices out in the market has also resulted in a number of problems being discovered. Here are seven problems people have complained about with the iPhone 5, and their solutions: (credit: nydailynews.com) […]


Windows XP unsupported: what this means for you

Windows XP was the star child of operating systems in the 2000’s. Many people still regard it fondly as the OS without peer. Unparalleled. The OS that ticked all the boxes. Sadly, the era of XP is drawing to a close 12 years after it was released, because Microsoft is shutting down all support in […]


Benefits of a virtual server for business

Most small to medium businesses run on computers, and those computers are often backed up by servers; a machine that serves the information needs of your business from one central location. But like many things, servers are going virtual, which means there are many additional benefits gained that can save your business even more time […]

broke student

Are you as broke as your tech?

It’s tough to be a student with all the expenses you have to shell out for. Textbooks, bus fare, stationary, rent…the list goes on. At Advanced Computers we’re always keen to help students out which is why we’ve partnered up with StudentCard to deliver great savings just for you! For the whole of 2013, tertiary […]

Ergonomic tips

Ergonomic tips to save your health

Look around the office and observe your co-workers sitting at their desks. What does their posture look like? Do they hunch forward with their heads hanging down? Are they sitting ramrod straight? Have they managed to contort themselves into impossible (and yet comfy) positions? What about your posture? Have you given that a thought? Every […]

sick computer

Signs and symptoms of a computer virus

Sometimes your computer contracts a virus and there’s no way you can tell. Other times the warning signs are detectable, ranging from subtle to glaringly obvious. Here are 11 signs and symptoms of a computer riddled with viruses, malware, and other nasties. 1. Loss of speed: when your programmes or browser is loading slower, or […]