Windows 8

Windows 8: how do you use it?

Windows 8 can be a bit confusing, even for the veteran Microsoft fan. When I first was given the chance to play around with it the first thing that stumped me was the lack of a ‘Start’ button. No start button? But Windows always has a start button. Without a start button how can I […]


Graphics cards: not just a pretty picture!

So you’ve shelled out the cash for a nice shiny computer, and it comes with all the standard bits and bobs: a fast processor, adequate memory, and enough hard drive space to comfortably run your operating system of choice. What more could you ask for? Well, if you bought an average Joe computer, chances are […]


Jailbreaking: should I-shouldn’t I?

You’ve probably heard rumours both good and bad about jail-breaking smartphones and tablets of the Apple variety. Like many things, jail-breaking is a risk each user takes with both benefits and draw-backs. The term ‘Jailbreaking’ is evocative of daring night-time prison-busts, with spotlights and swarms of cops, but the reality is much more mundane. ‘Jailbreaking’ […]

Tosh Laptop

Spotting a quality laptop

When you buy a piece of technology, you know it won’t last forever, but you certainly expect it to last a reasonable length of time. After all, you’ve shelled out your hard-earned cash for something, so it ought to go the distance. So what do you look for in a device, that screams quality? Is […]

Galaxy S4

Rumours about Galaxy S4 release and specs

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a winner for 2012, so everyone has high expectations for the S4. But one of the big questions on peoples’ minds is how it can possibly top one of the best phones of last year, as well as compete with what Apple will surely be bringing to the table in […]


Human DNA is the hard drive of the future

As I browse the internet looking for the latest scoop to blog about, I often come across articles exclaiming in bold excited text about the latest surface to have a computer screen installed in it. Often these are outlandish and crazy, and make the reader wonder “who on earth would actually use that?” In the […]


The age of the computer-dinosaurs has passed

It’s the 21st century and modern times mean modern equipment! If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you will have noticed that cathode ray tube monitors for computer screens are being phased out. If you don’t know what that means, cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors were those boxy computer monitors that took up almost […]


Making your smartphone battery go the distance

Raise your hand (out in the open, or in your head if you prefer) if your phone has ever run out of battery. It happens, sooner or later, to everyone who owns a phone, and having your precious lifeline to calls, texts, games, and the internet, cut off leaves many with an itchy anxious feeling. […]


Kickstarting 2013 with free vouchers!

Welcome to 2013! Our Penrose and Glenfield stores have resumed normal hours after a relaxing break over the New Year, and our technicians are eager to fix all your technology problems. In looking back, 2012 was certainly a year for us to remember. We were kept on our toes with a whirlwind of activity: launching […]


When does a deleted file stay deleted?

Don’t throw away your computer before destroying your personal information completely! When you’re done and dusted with your computer it’s very satisfying to chuck it in the bin and call it a day, but did you know that even if you’ve deleted your files and folders, other people can still recover them? All it takes […]