Protect your data by backing it up

Three months to go until the Christmas season, when employers and employees alike will be thinking of taking a hard-earned break. But before you shut down the office, have you thought about protecting your data? Imagine the nightmare you’d face if all your emails, documents, and databases were wiped. The core of any business lies […]

iPad mini

iPad mini reportedly in production-mode

After the enormously successful launch of the iPhone 5 the rumour-mills have begun to churn over the iPad Mini once more. Leaked photos of the supposed iPad Mini have been circulating for months, along with tantalising dribbles of information from “reliable sources” that turn out to be quite accurate in their statements. In the latest […]

super computer

Watson supercomputer heads for the clouds

IBM’s famous supercomputer, Watson, (that once beat Jeopardy!) could become a cloud-based consultation service for a wide range of issues. John Gordon, Watson Solutions Marketing Manager at IBM, says Watson is set to be an advisor to all types of professional decision-makers, from healthcare to finance and beyond. The 16,000GB RAM computer is riddled with […]

advanced computers

Advanced Computers now authorised repairer for Epson

Advanced Computers has been a leading provider of top-quality servicing, repairs, and parts for over 14 years. We are always looking for ways to up our game, and make your customer experience that much better, and with this in mind we are pleased to announce that Advanced Computers is now also an authorised repair centre […]

water damage pic

10 steps to save your device from liquid damage

Whether you’ve dropped your smartphone in the drink, or your drink on your smartphone, this helpful guide will show you how to recover maximum operability of your laptop, computer, or smartphone after a spill. Firstly, prevention is better than cure. The best way to solve the liquid-damage problem is to keep liquids away! But when […]


Internet Explorer opens up a whole new can of worms

Yet another “zero-day” has surfaced, and this time it revolves around one of the most popular web-browsers: Internet Explorer. Discovered by Romang, a Luxemborg-based IT security advisor, the malware can worm its way into computers running fully-patched Windows XP SP3, along with the latest editions of IE 7, 8, and 9. Internet Explorer 10 is […]


Microsoft’s ‘whacky’ patent

Whoever said patents were only interesting during epic showdowns between corporations hasn’t heard of the latest gem from Microsoft. The Windows-giant has a plan for beating your phone into submission when it has to be silenced at the speed of light. Many have already experienced the need for this application at some point or another. […]

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is out to play

The long-awaited crown jewel of Apple is out, and it’s causing much excitement and mass hysteria amongst fans (not really). But to a market that has been waiting on tenterhooks for the release of a new iPhone, more over a year, the iPhone 5 is a reason to celebrate. Apple is quite proud of its […]


Robot outruns Usain Bolt

Three weeks ago we featured a post on Crawling Robots, and already they have taken a step further (so to speak). Boston Dynamics, creators and developers of all things robotic, have built a machine called the ‘Cheetah’, capable of exceeding Usain Bolt’s record-breaking speed of 44.7 km/h. The Cheetah has already galloped its way into […]


VOIP solutions a bonus for business

Sooner or later your business will face the problems of rising costs, low productivity, and falling behind in the technology race. The vast array of resources available to combat each individual problem can be bewildering, but one solution that takes care of all of them is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Essentially, VOIP is a […]