Computers kidnapped and held to Ransom

Ransomware is a nasty piece of malware that has already left a lot of people frustrated and out-of-pocket. Ransomware is just what the name implies; a Trojan or virus that infects your computer and locks you out. The virus displays a message demanding a certain sum of money, in exchange for unlocking your system. Reveton […]

windows 8

How Windows 8 can benefit your business

Windows 8 is the newest darling of the Microsoft Corporation, and is touted as the best thing for businesses since sliced bread. Microsoft has updated and upgraded a number of features and components in the Windows 8 package, like the boot solution, recovery options, portability, and Client Hyper-V, all of which are designed to speed […]

ipad iphone

Rumour mill: iPhone and iPad launch dates

The rumours are pretty solid about the release date of the Apple iPhone 5 being September 12, however All Things D is reporting that the iPad Mini is going to hit the stores a bit later than thought. Previously, the unconfirmed rumour was that both devices would be announced on September 12, but the rationale […]


Now you see it, now you don’t!

We take it for granted that robots can walk, talk, and learn, so would it surprise you to learn they can now camouflage themselves? Engineers at Harvard University have created little robots that are able to change colour as they move, using dye pumped through microfluid channels into the silicon body. The little quadruped looks […]

Nexus 7 Tablet

Nexus 7 Tablet: what’s the big fuss?

Tablets entered the market only two years ago, and now they are popping up left, right, and centre. It seems we cannot get enough of this invention that has revolutionised the way we use computers, and indeed, many can’t imagine life without them. With just a flick of your finger, tablets transport to any website […]

the garage

Microsoft’s new motto: “Do Epic S–t!”

Google’s infamous “20% time” (where 20% of its employees’ time is spent on personal projects) has inspired Microsoft to do the same. “The Garage” is both a place and a concept initiated by Microsoft to get the creative juices flowing in its employees. The Garage was built last year in an original Microsoft building, no. […]

Intelligent textbook

Intelligent textbook encourages students to “Inquire”

A new type of digital textbook is being tested by students from De Anza College, California, to see if this is the direction education institutes could be heading. Laboriously leafing through intimidating tomes, students often come across obscure and bewildering terms that leave them with eyes crossed and mouths agape. Common practice at this point […]


Tweet sent using only brainwaves

Earlier this week Adam Wilson sent a Tweet. Good on you, Adam, but so what? Well, this Tweet was extraordinary because Adam sent it using his brainwaves. Operating machines using the mind has been done before (anyone remember the paralyzed woman drinking coffee using only her thoughts?), but never for something as mundane as updating […]

microsoft vs google

Hotmail revamped to take on Gmail-giant

Microsoft’s free online email service, Hotmail, has been upgraded in order to combat market-share losses to Google’s Gmail. Hotmail.com, which has been in use since 1996, will be replaced by Outlook.com in an attempt to freshen Microsoft’s free online email service image. Along with the name change, Microsoft has thrown in several other upgrades. A […]

6 best and worst smartphone covers

If you turn out to be the lucky winner of our Samsung Galaxy SIII draw, then you’ll probably want a cover to keep your lovely smartphone safe. Check out the best and worst smartphone covers floating around the ‘net. Would you use any of them? 1. Twelve South Bookbook This unique smartphone cover screams “intellectual”. […]