7 common iPhone 5 faults

iPhone 5

Apple sold a record five million iPhone 5’s within the first three days they were on sale, but such a huge number of devices out in the market has also resulted in a number of problems being discovered. Here are seven problems people have complained about with the iPhone 5, and their solutions:

iPhone 5

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Apple maps

This is the the big problem that had people driving off bridges, into the desert, and Google laughing all the way to the bank. Apple replaced Google maps with its own version, forcing people to adapt to a buggy piece of software that sent them on wild goose-chases. As well as that, Apple removed some of the key features that were typically found in the Google map app, and replaced them with…well…nothing. Apple is currently working on a fix, but there’s no set date. For now, the safest option for users is to simply visit maps.google.com on their browser to get a more accurate picture of the roads ahead.


iPhone 5

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Wi-Fi connection

Many people have reported a problem connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi, on their iPhone 5. Common issues are refusal of connection, dropped connections, and low signal strength, even when the Wi-Fi works just fine on another device. A quick (but not permanent) fix for this problem is to turn your phone off and turn it on again, just like you do with computers. Apple has released an iOS 6.0.2 update to specifically fix this problem, and yet it still persists for some people. If this is the case for you, take your iPhone 5 back to the Apple store and get them to solve it (or even give you a new phone).


iPhone 5

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Overheating and excessive battery drain

The introduction of iOS 6.1 saw many people complaining about excessive heat and battery drainage. The cause hasn’t been confirmed, but a solution to the problem appears to be to turn off Push. This means you will receive your emails only when you click on the email app, which saves your iPhone continually refreshing. Another solution some found to work is to hard reset the phone. Until the official update is released to solve this problem, this is all users can rely on.   


iPhone 5

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When you shell out a lot of money for the latest and greatest iPhone you want to keep it looking as new as possible, for as long as possible, right? Well, that may be an issue with the iPhone 5, which appears to attract dings and scratches like flies to honey. The most obvious solution is to buy a cover protector (of which Advanced Computers has a nice selection, by the way), or just be very careful with how you handle your iPhone.


iPhone 5

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Purple glare on photos

It’s frustrating to line up the perfect shot only to have it ruined by some strange purple light that definitely wasn’t there when you last looked. Reports indicate that this occurs when there’s an out-of-scene light source. Apple’s solution? Shield the lens with your hand, or move the angle at which the light hits the lens.


iPhone 5

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Screen flicker

This has been happening most commonly when people use the virtual keyboard in the App Store. It’s a minor problem, but it has no fix as yet.


iPhone 5

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Unresponsive touch screen

Some iPhone 5’s appear to be dropping the touch-screen input intermittently, for no reason. Some people have even reported a complete cessation of touch-screen capability, or the entire screen going blank. Thankfully this isn’t a widespread problem, but it is a serious one if it affects you. The easiest solution to the problem is to get a replacement phone from the Apple store.

While this may cast a pall of doom and gloom over the iPhone 5, the truth is these problems will not all happen to the same iPhone. If you’re unlucky you’ll encounter one of the above, but the odds are that if you purchase an iPhone 5, it will be fine.

And remember, if you do have a problem and want a fix, Advanced Computers will help you out!

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