Data Back-up Solutions

There is probably not a more neglected task for individual and business PC users that is more important than data back-up. Data back-ups protect users from lost data due to disk crashes, PC and laptop failure, spilled drinks, and a number of other disasters. Even firms and individuals that are diligent in doing daily back-ups are at risk when keeping the data on site due to fires and other natural disasters. There are a number of solutions that are available today for a reasonable cost that can mitigate these circumstances to keep your data safe from a number of threats.

For companies as well as many people, in this day and age all of your most important information is stored on a computer. Important business documents, tax returns, and cherished photos can vanish with a hard disk malfunction. The fallout from lost data can have catastrophic results. Business contacts can be lost, as well as contact information for friends and family members. There are a number of different solutions for different people as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

For individuals, one of the main reasons back-ups are not competed is the hassle of dealing with multiple compact discs (CD). The Windows Back-Up Utility is very slow on even the fastest of computers and it can involve changing disks 10 or more times. The solution to this problem is online data storage. With an online data storage solution the data back-up process will take only a fraction of the time it takes with CD’s and the user can rest assured that the storage medium is guaranteed to be safe and much more reliable than a CD. The cost is as little as $4.95 a month for several gigabytes of storage space that you can access anywhere and anytime you have a computer with internet access.

Small to medium-sized businesses that lack an in-house information technology (IT) department can use the same medium as individual users to protect and store their information. Not only can today’s online storage facilities guarantee your data is safe, they are also encrypt a company’s information for even more security from prying eyes. Modern data storage services can perform automatic daily back-ups and the cost is less than storing information on traditional CD’s.

With the option of online data back-up and storage solutions, there is no excuse for not protecting vital financial and personal information from loss due to natural disaster or computer failure.

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