NAS basics

NAS or network attached storage units, are dedicated file storage devices that are used to enhance file sharing and storage capability on a computer network. They are similar to a standard file server, except they run a stripped down operating system designed only to handle file transfer requests and consume much less power and space. This makes a NAS device perfect for file sharing or back up in a home or small office network where it is impractical to leave a server or computer running 24 hours a day.

File Sharing

To use NAS for file sharing purposes, you can attach a NAS device to your home of office network and each person on the network can access the shared files. This is a much better solution that having shared files located on each individual PC, as this ensures access to the shared files even if some computers on the network are turned off.

Back Up

Because NAS devices are designed to operate continuously, this makes them perfect for backing up data across a network. Multiple computers on the network can setup their own back up schedule and some NAS devices offer their own back up software to facilitate the back up process.

NAS Benefits

– Use less power than standard file servers

– More compact than standard file servers

– Files can be accessed by multiple devices on a network

– Some NAS devices offer additional benefits such as FTP (so you can access you files over the internet) and back up software (so you can schedule data back up automatically)

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