NAS basics

NAS or network attached storage units, are dedicated file storage devices that are used to enhance file sharing and storage capability on a computer network. They are similar to a standard file server, except they run a stripped down operating system designed only to handle file transfer requests and consume much less power and space. […]

So you want to buy a gaming PC?

If you are looking to buy a new gaming PC, there are a number of important factors that need to come together to ensure your new system will be up to the task. All too often, PC gamers invest their hard earned dollars into machines without doing the homework required to ensure their new system […]

15 Helpful tips to speed up your computer for 2019

Imagine this. You’re working on a very important presentation, with only a few hours left before deadline, when your computer suddenly lags! The frustration caused by a computer running slow is enough to make any grown man cry. You see, when your computer starts to run painfully slow, accomplishing the simplest tasks seems almost impossible. […]