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In this day and age of mobile computing and wireless technology, security is more important than ever. In the old days when computers rarely talked to each other, and shops were basically closed, security wasn’t much of a problem.  Now if you’re using a computer it’s almost a certainty that you’re connected to a network.  The problem is that networks can be filled with people who are intent on stealing from you or your company.

One of the first ways hackers devised to steal from you and destroy your property is through email. NEVER open an email from someone you don’t know, and never open attachments from strangers. This is the way Trojan horses and other very destructive malware infect your computer, and once infected, you have a serious problem.  Never respond to an email from someone in Nigeria or any other country that claims you have won a lottery, or that you can claim untold millions if you just send them your bank account number to deposit it.

One of the more recent and devious methods of compromising your security is through spyware.  Spyware can be installed on your computer with or without you knowing it has happened.  Porn sites are notorious for spyware, so be extremely careful if you use any of these sites.  Spyware is used to track where you go on the net, as well as send you unwanted pop-ups or redirect you to another web site. To avoid getting spyware, follow these tips and you’ll be OK.

If you get an unexpected pop-up box asking you if you want to install a program, ALWAYS answer no. Never click on anything in a pop-up window, it’s asking for trouble.  Never follow an email link that claims to offer freeware to eliminate spyware, quite often, they do the exact opposite.  In general, be suspicious of all freeware. Customized toolbars or other appealing looking software may look nice, but it can be extremely destructive in nature.

Follow these tips and use your common sense, and you should be able to avoid malware and keep hackers away from your personal information as well as your companies.

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