Troubleshooting Your New Home Network

If you have contracted for a home wireless network and it seems to spend more time down than up and running, there are steps you can take to get it up and going again.

The first remedy is to check all of your connections. Cables will make an audible click when they are in place correctly, check all of your phone lines and make sure they are plugged into your filter, and the filters in turn are connected to the jacks, not the other way around.

If this doesn’t do the trick, disconnect the power source from your wireless router, and wait at least 15 seconds before you plug it back in. Make sure you unplug all of the connections including Ethernet, and phone, also, go ahead and shut down your PC as well.  Routers/Gateways are like PC’s; they occasionally need to be rebooted, so they can go through their start-up routine and tests to ensure that they are working properly.

Now plug your power source back into your router, and reconnect the Ethernet and phone cables, making sure they click firmly into place. Routers have a series of lights on the front that let you know when they are up and ready to go. When the lights indicate the router is ready, bring your PC up and see if your connection is back.

If you now have access to the internet, you have successfully fixed your problem, so congratulations are in order. If you are still having problems, you may have to contact your ISP for technical assistance. But before you do that, there are still a couple of steps you can take to resolve the problem yourself.

If your network shows that it is up, but you cannot access the internet, you may be in a dead spot in your house.  Move around and check the signal strength with your network icon.  Once you have found a spot with a strong signal, your problems will be resolved.

WiFi networks are still a relatively new technology, and it’s far from being perfect at this point in time, but they are improving quickly and becoming the connection of choice for home and businesses.  Getting your home WiFi network up and working properly will make you more productive.

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