Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 7 brings big changes to the gadgets that put information and fun like games, news, pictures, and more in the heart of the user computing experience. In Windows Vista, the previous release of the operating system, gadgets were confined to the sidebar. Now with Windows 7 the gadgets are free to roam and the user can move and resize them as they see fit.

Gadgets allows users to inject their own personality into their online experience, and Microsoft has a host of useful gadgets that can be downloaded from their website. There is a To-Do List gadget that helps the user keep track of a full slate of personal and professional duties and calendar gadgets also are available to do the task.

If a user is looking for fun and amusing gadgets, there are a large number to choose from. The Windows Live gallery of gadgets features games like Sodoku as well as a variety of poker games. There are gadgets to help sports fans keep up with the latest scores in their favorite sports. You can even read your favorite comic strip on a daily basis.

One of the best free gadgets available for download for Windows 7 is the Digital Frame slide show gadget. It gives users a unique tool to show the latest pictures of your vacation, children, pets, and more. The gadget also lets the user decide how often the pictures change and how the pictures are shared. The user can utilize photo sharing websites, social networks, and other web locations with ease to show off their latest photos.

Want to keep track of the latest multimedia? Then you’ll have to download the zappingbox gadget from Windows Live. With zappingbox, the user has a gadget that will watch for the latest internet video sensations and and provide alerts when they happen. Want to know when the hottest concert tours are coming to town? Then you’ll want to download the OnTour gadget. A user can not only have the first look at upcoming concerts in the area, it allows for easy and quick ticket purchase as well. OnTour can also be used to sample music and link to the online store of the user’s choice.

Windows 7 has a wide variety of gadgets available on their Windows Live web site that can make a user’s work and personal life more productive and much more fun. With Windows 7, you can make much better use of the available gadgets than any previous version of Windows.

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