kissenger egg

Pucker up: ‘Kissenger’ device sends virtual smooches

If the sight of this egg-with-lips makes you do a double-take, don’t worry; it is odd. The Kissenger is a device meant to bring a bit of comfort to those who are far from their loved ones. It presents a strange appearance with a pair of lips stuck to what looks like an ostrich egg, […]

retina display

Apple asks App developers to be Retina-Ready

If you’ve heard about the latest Macbook Pro, then you’ve probably also heard the term “Retina Display” bandied about, too. Retina Display is a relatively new innovation by Apple. Devices with Retina Display have a greater density of pixels, which means images achieve a greater degree of clarity. Once you compare a regular computer display […]

apple vs samsung

Judge overturns Apple and Samsung’s bids for secrecy

A U.S. Judge has rejected requests by Apple and Samsung to keep out of the public eye key documents relating to the high-stakes, patent-infringement legal battle the two tech-giants are involved in. Late Tuesday, U.S. District Judge, Lucy Koh, issued a statement saying “it appears that the parties have overdesignated confidential documents and are seeking […]

3D glasses

Glasses-free 3D-TV is in sight

Movie and TV enthusiasts around the globe will cheer tonight! The reign of the comical 3D glasses is drawing to a close. Scientists at MIT’s Media Lab, who are at the cutting edge of graphics technology, have developed a way to make 3D images visible without the aid of eyewear. Even better, this new version […]

Windows sidebar gadgets

Windows Gadgets create vulnerabilities in your computer

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will be familiar with the gadgets that can be displayed on the desktop. The ticking clock, RSS feeder, and weather monitor are examples of the neat little add-ons that provide Microsoft users with convenience. However, Microsoft has issued a recommendation on its Knowledge Base that they be disabled altogether. […]


“Internet Doomsday” tomorrow

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again just to make doubly sure you’re aware: July 9th (NZ July 10th) is the day the FBI and the American government will switch off DNS servers, cutting thousands of computers’ access to the internet. Many people have checked to see if they will be affected, but […]


iPad Mini rumours heating up

Apple is gearing up to unleash the iPad Mini before the year is out! Or so say rumours. Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch reported that people close to the matter, in the Apple Asian supply-chain, told them the component suppliers for Apple are preparing for mass production of a smaller-sized iPad in September. They added […]

Spray-on batteries

Weird and wonderful: Spray-on batteries

Researchers at Rice University, Houston, U.S.A., have developed a type of battery that can be painted onto virtually any surface. The lithium-ion “battery-in-a-can” is rechargeable, and consists of multiple layers. Each layer represents a component of the traditional battery. Instead of the layers being rolled into a cylinder, the battery is left flat. Each layer […]

apple vs samsung

Apple bans sale of Galaxy in U.S.A.

Apple has won the right to ban the sale of all Samsung Galaxy tablets in the United States of America. The injunction is directed against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was slated by many to be the leading challenger to the iPad. According to Reuters, Apple is claiming that Samsung stole its intellectual property, and […]


Doubts over Surface’s ability to rival iPad

Microsoft’s own manufacturer and partner expressed doubts over the success the Surface tablet is likely to enjoy. Acer has turned its nose up at the possibility of Microsoft becoming a serious tablet rival to Apple, and has instead urged Microsoft to focus on delivering its new operating system. Acer’s senior vice president and president for […]