motion control

Ordinary computers become motion-controlled

Motion-control is fast becoming a popular way to interact with various devices. Now Microsoft researchers have developed a different way to interact with computers, also using motion-control, but in a way that is kinder to your bank balance. SoundWave is software that can be installed on any computer with speakers and a microphone in order […]

samsung galaxy

The low-down on the new Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has released more details about its new Galaxy S III, and so far it’s looking pretty flash. It’s thinner, lighter, and much faster than the Galaxy S II, with some interesting little add-ons thrown in to make owning one of these rather nice. With a 4.8 inch, HD Super AMOLED screen, you have a […]


Internet doomsday

The latest scare sweeping the internet is the Doomsday knell for July 9th. Why, you may ask? It is because that is the date the FBI and the American government will switch off DNS servers, cutting access to the internet for an estimated 350,000 computers. And yours could be one of them. Since 2007, a […]


Smartphone running out of battery too fast? This may be why:

The life of a smartphone battery is often not long enough for all the things we wish to do. Everyone  knows that watching videos and running apps uses a lot of power, but now it has come to light that certain websites are adding to the drain due to bloated and unnecessary code. Wikipedia, IMDB, […]


Tupac hologram fools thousands

On the 16th April, 2012, Tupac (a rapper who was shot in 1996) was briefly brought back to life at the Coachella Music Festival with the aid of holographic technology, fooling thousands of spectators and online watchers. Tweets and Facebook updates flooded the internet during his appearance, all to the tune of; “is Tupac alive?” […]


The Ultrabook

Exciting new products are popping up all over the place, and at Intel and Microsoft they have their innovation-caps on and set to max. Intel and Microsoft have teamed up to roll out the latest generation of PCs: the Ultrabook. The Ultrabook is a lightweight laptop that can be converted into a tablet at the […]


Google Glasses: Way of the future, or futuristic flop?

Recently Google announced its latest venture: Project Glass- a futuristic headset that evokes memories of Star Trek (and for you younger folk, Dragonball Z), and is the latest piece of technology that has captured the technological world’s imagination. These glasses and their capabilities are what people pictured when they thought of the future, along with […]

girls around me

Stalker app pulled from itunes

‘Girls Around Me’ is the latest app that is causing waves in the social networking world. It was developed by the Russian firm i-Free, and has already been downloaded over 70,000 times. The thing that has people all a-flutter is the almost stalker-ish tendencies ‘Girls Around Me’ promotes. Users must download the app and link […]


Google gearing up to break into tablet market

Break out the popcorn folks, there’s about to be a slug fest over the tablet market. Rumours are rife that internet giant Google has its own tablet in the works, set to rival that of Apple’s infamous iPad. The tablet is expected to be released for sale later this year, although details are incredibly vague. […]


Microsoft’s backdoor unlocked- you could be at risk!

We all know the internet is a place rife with viruses and hackers. We are told time and time again to tread warily the digital halls of this indispensable tool, but now it appears that simply keeping antivirus software up-to-date is not enough. On March 13th Microsoft issued a statement regarding a recently discovered vulnerability […]