Google Glasses: Way of the future, or futuristic flop?


Recently Google announced its latest venture: Project Glass- a futuristic headset that evokes memories of Star Trek (and for you younger folk, Dragonball Z), and is the latest piece of technology that has captured the technological world’s imagination. These glasses and their capabilities are what people pictured when they thought of the future, along with living on the moon.

In a video shown from the perspective of a young man going about his daily routine, Google shows all the ways in which they believe the Google Glasses will come in handy. From making appointments and getting directions, to taking photos and video calling- these glasses seem to do everything a smartphone can.

The glasses deliver real-time information in a heads-up display (HUD), and include GPS navigation, 3G/4G data connections, and motion sensors to track your eye movements.

Project Glass has a lot of people excited, and has sent Google’s competitors scrambling to keep up. According to Topeka Capital Markets analyst, Brian White (as reported to Boy Genius Report), a number of rivals to Google have similar products in the works, although details as to who they are and what they are making have not been revealed.

However, one competitor has come forward on their own to reveal a different version of the Google Glasses. Vergence Labs released information on a set of glasses being put into production that are a lesser version of the Google Glasses. They aim to operate more on the capturing of data from the first person perspective, (like videos and photographs you take throughout the day), and the uploading of these to a computer or direct to the internet. This appears to be all they can do- unlike the Google Glasses they can’t give you directions or tell you the weather. They are expected to be priced at US$299, and available from 12th December, 2012.

As for Project Glass, they have given no specified release date for the Google Glasses, apart from a generic “later this year”, and the price range has been kept under wraps.

The reveal of Project Glass, according to Google spokespersons, was to allow the public the opportunity to give them feedback. So, what do you think?

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