Apple undermining its own iPhone

The ultimate goal of every organisation is to turn a hefty profit, so would Apple really work so hard to build up the iPhone empire, only to willingly let it all crumble to dust? That’s what the Business Insider seems to think. An article by the online business news website writer, Nicholas Carlson, casts a […]

internet regulations

Free and open internet at risk

People, businesses, and online communities are up in arms against the possibility of the internet being regulated, and restrictions imposed in secret, behind closed doors. World governments are meeting today in Dubai, at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT). There, government regulators from 193 countries have come together to update International Telecommunications Regulations, which […]


Unlocked iPhone 5 to go on sale

Apple has always been touchy about allowing the public free reign over its tech, but now rumour has it Apple has once more decided to loosen its iron grip and grant us a degree of flexibility. Like the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 before that, Apple is believed to be releasing an unlocked version […]

star trek

Microsoft’s Star Trek Universal Translator almost a reality

Living in a multicultural society you often come across groups of people speaking their native language. If you’re like me, and can only speak English, sometimes there is a wistful thought that you wish you had the knowledge and ability to chat with them in their tongue. A Star Trek Universal Translator would come in […]

cloud printing

Cloud Printing: works from home or halfway around the world

Printing is a tricky business. You can be sitting in a room on the opposite side of the house, and your printer will merrily churn out a 12-page report, and then you can be sitting in the same room as it, and your printer will inexplicably balk at the thought of a 2-page recipe for […]


Google’s Galaxy Map is out of this world

(Forgive the cheesy pun, but it had to be said!) For all you star-enthusiasts and dreamers out there, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Google did it once with Google Maps, and now they’ve created a small partial map of our universe. ‘100,000 Stars’ takes you on an interactive journey across our solar system, […]

surface xbox

Microsoft counters iPad Mini with the Surface Mini

The tablet race is running white hot with Microsoft now reportedly working on a project to counter Apple’s iPad Mini. The 7-inch Surface Mini is expected to go head-to-head with the iPad Mini in an attempt to corner even more of the tablet market. Instead of being a smaller version of the Surface RT or […]


iPad Mini comes in disappointing 3rd on display

Times are exciting whenever there’s a technology ‘war’ afoot. The iPad Mini is the newest gauntlet to be thrown down by Apple, but does its smaller size invariably mean it’s better? Well, according to people who’ve actually used it: no, it doesn’t. Reviews online indicate that the iPad Mini is actually performing below the expected […]

fusion drive

Apple’s ‘Fusion Drive’: what is it and how does it work?

On October 23, Apple announced its latest storage device titled ‘Fusion Drive’, which combines 120GB of flash storage with a regular hard drive of up to 3TB. Fusion Drive differentiates itself from the pack by combining the best features of solid state drive (SSD) storage and hard disk drive (HDD) storage. According to the Apple […]

nexus 4

Google’s big blunder over Nexus 4

A Google employee will be lucky to escape with his or her hide intact after leaving a prototype of the Google Nexus 4 smartphone at a bar in September. Details have surfaced about the incident of the misplaced Nexus 4 prototype, and it’s a sorry tale that casts Google in a bad light. The smartphone […]