8 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Keeping your personal property safe often comes down to common sense and with smartphones becoming so important in our everyday lives, making sure you keep this safe is just as important as keeping your PC or Home Contents safe. Taking basic precautions will go a long way toward saving you time and money. Here are […]


Tips to clean your digital SLR

Has your DSLR camera been collecting dust because your phone has replaced it as your everyday camera? Then before you go on that all exciting adventure, be sure to get it cleaned so you can go out and take great photos in confidence. Of course, if your DSLR is being used regularly then chances are […]


Risks of Running Microsoft Windows XP

After 12 long years, Microsoft stopped all support for Windows XP across the globe, including in New Zealand. The decision came about as they refocus the resources towards supporting more recent technologies. It is estimated that there are still millions of people still using the Windows XP operating system. However, what a lot of people […]


Christmas / New Year Trading Hours

We’ll be taking a small break over the Christmas / New Year period with both of our branches closed some days. Detailed below are the trading hours for both our North Shore and Central Auckland branches: Advanced Computers North Shore Closed Christmas Day until we reopen again on the 6th January 2014. Advanced Computers Central […]


Windows XP unsupported: what this means for you

Windows XP was the star child of operating systems in the 2000’s. Many people still regard it fondly as the OS without peer. Unparalleled. The OS that ticked all the boxes. Sadly, the era of XP is drawing to a close 12 years after it was released, because Microsoft is shutting down all support in […]

broke student

Are you as broke as your tech?

It’s tough to be a student with all the expenses you have to shell out for. Textbooks, bus fare, stationary, rent…the list goes on. At Advanced Computers we’re always keen to help students out which is why we’ve partnered up with StudentCard to deliver great savings just for you! For the whole of 2013, tertiary […]

Galaxy S4

Rumours about Galaxy S4 release and specs

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a winner for 2012, so everyone has high expectations for the S4. But one of the big questions on peoples’ minds is how it can possibly top one of the best phones of last year, as well as compete with what Apple will surely be bringing to the table in […]


Human DNA is the hard drive of the future

As I browse the internet looking for the latest scoop to blog about, I often come across articles exclaiming in bold excited text about the latest surface to have a computer screen installed in it. Often these are outlandish and crazy, and make the reader wonder “who on earth would actually use that?” In the […]


The tables have turned: guilty verdict for Apple

In an ironic twist, Apple has been found guilty of infringing three patents held by MobileMedia, formed by Nokia, and Sony. The tech-giant was notorious for kicking up a dust earlier this year over patent infringements by Samsung, but now it appears the tables have turned, and the finger is pointing firmly at Apple. The […]

contact lens

LCD contact lens beams messages direct to your eye

Advanced Computers’ technicians have serviced and repaired a lot of devices during our time, but we’ve never repaired anything like this! In something straight out of a sci-fi novel, researchers at Ghent University Centre of Microsystems Technology, in Belgium, have developed the technology that allows text messages from mobile phones to be displayed on contact […]