Apple undermining its own iPhone


The ultimate goal of every organisation is to turn a hefty profit, so would Apple really work so hard to build up the iPhone empire, only to willingly let it all crumble to dust?

That’s what the Business Insider seems to think.

An article by the online business news website writer, Nicholas Carlson, casts a gimlet eye over the fate of the famous iPhone 5. In this report, Carlson predicts that Apples next new product release is expected to supplant the iPhone 5 in consumers’ daily lives, based on previous examples, like the iPad replacing the Mac.

It’s an unexpected idea, seeing as how the iPhone is pretty much Apple’s biggest source of revenue.  Surely it would make sense to keep its biggest cash cow for as long as possible? Well, apparently not, especially if Apple can create something to generate revenue equal to, or greater than that created by the iPhone.

The Business Insider thinks it knows what Apple’s next ‘big thing’ is going to be in terms of supplanting the smartphone: computerised glasses.

The concept is hardly new, as both Microsoft and Google have already started work on their computer-glasses, but with Apple set to enter the running competition is bound to heat up in what is colloquially referred to as the ‘Glass War’.

Speculation for the Apple-glasses is drawn from several patents filed by Apple referring to a head-mounted display (HDM), that can be used to “display relevant tactical information, such as maps or thermal imaging data” and “gaming and entertainment applications”.

The question is will these glasses be a hit with consumers, like the iPhone was? Or will it be a foolish-flop?

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