Jailbreaking: should I-shouldn’t I?

You’ve probably heard rumours both good and bad about jail-breaking smartphones and tablets of the Apple variety. Like many things, jail-breaking is a risk each user takes with both benefits and draw-backs. The term ‘Jailbreaking’ is evocative of daring night-time prison-busts, with spotlights and swarms of cops, but the reality is much more mundane. ‘Jailbreaking’ […]


The tables have turned: guilty verdict for Apple

In an ironic twist, Apple has been found guilty of infringing three patents held by MobileMedia, formed by Nokia, and Sony. The tech-giant was notorious for kicking up a dust earlier this year over patent infringements by Samsung, but now it appears the tables have turned, and the finger is pointing firmly at Apple. The […]


Apple undermining its own iPhone

The ultimate goal of every organisation is to turn a hefty profit, so would Apple really work so hard to build up the iPhone empire, only to willingly let it all crumble to dust? That’s what the Business Insider seems to think. An article by the online business news website writer, Nicholas Carlson, casts a […]


Unlocked iPhone 5 to go on sale

Apple has always been touchy about allowing the public free reign over its tech, but now rumour has it Apple has once more decided to loosen its iron grip and grant us a degree of flexibility. Like the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 before that, Apple is believed to be releasing an unlocked version […]


A brief history of the tablet

If you thought tablets only began when Steve Jobs had a brainwave in the 2000’s, you are wrong: tablets were theorised for decades before they became a reality. The current tablets we enjoy today are sleek and shiny, but what about those early models half-forgotten in the sands of time? Let’s dig some of them […]

iPad mini

iPad mini reportedly in production-mode

After the enormously successful launch of the iPhone 5 the rumour-mills have begun to churn over the iPad Mini once more. Leaked photos of the supposed iPad Mini have been circulating for months, along with tantalising dribbles of information from “reliable sources” that turn out to be quite accurate in their statements. In the latest […]