Tips for iOS

4 Super Simple iOS Maintenance Tips for iPhone & iPad

How many times have you seen someone else’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running an old version of iOS that is not backed up and has tons of app updates waiting to be attended to? It’s extremely common for iOS hardware to go neglected by those who are less tech savvy. Here are some super […]


8 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Keeping your personal property safe often comes down to common sense and with smartphones becoming so important in our everyday lives, making sure you keep this safe is just as important as keeping your PC or Home Contents safe. Taking basic precautions will go a long way toward saving you time and money. Here are […]


9 Tips to Help Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Smartphone batteries are notorious for draining at a rate that leaves many puzzled. You’ve only been using it to text, make a few phone calls, and play a few games, so why can’t it last longer than a day? The answer lies in the fact that smartphones are doing more than phones have ever had […]


Jailbreaking: should I-shouldn’t I?

You’ve probably heard rumours both good and bad about jail-breaking smartphones and tablets of the Apple variety. Like many things, jail-breaking is a risk each user takes with both benefits and draw-backs. The term ‘Jailbreaking’ is evocative of daring night-time prison-busts, with spotlights and swarms of cops, but the reality is much more mundane. ‘Jailbreaking’ […]


Apple undermining its own iPhone

The ultimate goal of every organisation is to turn a hefty profit, so would Apple really work so hard to build up the iPhone empire, only to willingly let it all crumble to dust? That’s what the Business Insider seems to think. An article by the online business news website writer, Nicholas Carlson, casts a […]