Unlocked iPhone 5 to go on sale


Apple has always been touchy about allowing the public free reign over its tech, but now rumour has it Apple has once more decided to loosen its iron grip and grant us a degree of flexibility.

Like the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 before that, Apple is believed to be releasing an unlocked version of the iPhone 5, according to Apple-enthusiast website, 9to5Mac.

An unlocked iPhone 5 will allow users to switch supported carriers by changing the nano SIM-card in their phone, instead of being tied to the carrier they purchased the phone from.

However, the unlocked iPhone 5 comes at a higher price- there will be no subsidies courtesy of the locked-in carrier, so users will have to pay the full monty. The price is expected to range between US$649 and US$849.

This version of the iPhone 5 will be available through Apple’s online store, followed later at an unspecified date by its U.S. retail stores.

Most other phones allow users to make the change on their own, but Apple is notorious for the firm control it maintains over its tech. For people who know a thing or two about computers, bypassing these barriers is a piece of cake, but many others have to simply put up with it.

As the craze over the iPhone 5 dies down, this is a smart move by Apple to perk interest in its product all over again.

As usual, Apple has made no comment on the rumour.

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