Tupac hologram fools thousands


On the 16th April, 2012, Tupac (a rapper who was shot in 1996) was briefly brought back to life at the Coachella Music Festival with the aid of holographic technology, fooling thousands of spectators and online watchers. Tweets and Facebook updates flooded the internet during his appearance, all to the tune of; “is Tupac alive?”


Unfortunately, not. AV Concepts is the company responsible for developing the holographic projection cameras and screens that created a life-sized realistic image of Tupac rapping and interacting with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

The way it works is using Ghost Technology that was first developed in the 1800s. High-definition and high-resolution signals are processed by special projectors, and are projected onto a screen that reflects the image up into a vertical holographic representation.

Technically they are not 3D, nor are they holograms- they are merely illusions that create the impression of such.

This means that sometime in the future we can do away with those 3D cinema glasses that never seem to fit on your nose properly.

The holographic display is not perfect- you can see a slight blue-ish tinge around the edges of the image when viewed from a distance. However, it’s solid-enough looking that unless someone told you, you’d simply think it was the lighting.

For a brief moment in time, Tupac was brought back to life to perform for the world once more. It can only get better from there. If they can bring back Tupac, then you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be bringing back Elvis, The Beatles, Queen and more.

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