Windows Gadgets create vulnerabilities in your computer

Windows sidebar gadgets

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will be familiar with the gadgets that can be displayed on the desktop. The ticking clock, RSS feeder, and weather monitor are examples of the neat little add-ons that provide Microsoft users with convenience.

However, Microsoft has issued a recommendation on its Knowledge Base that they be disabled altogether. Instead of patching up the problem, a Fix It solution has been provided to allow users to deactivate and remove the features.

Microsoft claims that the Windows Sidebar and Gadgets create vulnerabilities in the operating system. Many of the gadgets are insecure and provide means to attack personal computers, through the execution of arbitrary code. In addition, Gadgets installed from untrustworthy sources can also harm computer files, redirect your internet browsing, or change their behaviour at any time.

Indeed, a simple Google search will present you with a number of questionable websites, where you can download these “awesome” gadgets, and, most likely, a healthy side-dish of Virus.

Microsoft describes this fix as a temporary work-around, but there has been no word on whether a proper fix is in the pipelines.

The Sidebar Gadgets will not feature in Windows 8. Instead a similar feature will be incorporated into the system, called Live Tiles. On the Start screen, users will be able to view unread email counts, calendar appointments, news, weather, and so on.

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