Apple asks App developers to be Retina-Ready

retina display

If you’ve heard about the latest Macbook Pro, then you’ve probably also heard the term “Retina Display” bandied about, too.

Retina Display is a relatively new innovation by Apple. Devices with Retina Display have a greater density of pixels, which means images achieve a greater degree of clarity. Once you compare a regular computer display to one of the Apple devices sporting Retina-Display, you truly see the difference.

Apple is now pushing app developers towards super high-resolution icons by asking them to be Retina-Ready.

To support the new Macbook Pro’s Retina-Display, app developers are now required to submit their app bundles to the App Store with a 1024-by-1024 icon. For those that don’t speak pixel, that’s an image about the size of 27×27 centimetres.

This requirement means that app files will be larger, and take up more memory, and space on the hard drive. Some older Macs may find this a bit of a challenge to deal with, but most new devices should cope well. Just keep an eye on the amount of storage space you have left after every few downloads.

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