MacOS- Tips and Tricks for Boosting Productivity

For Mac users looking to boost their productivity, MacOS offers a plethora of features and shortcuts designed to make your computing experience smoother and more efficient. From quick navigation tricks to built-in apps that enhance your workflow, MacOS is brimming with tools to help you get the most out of your device. This article will […]

Mac vs. PC Which is Right for You

When it comes to choosing between a Mac and a PC, the decision can be overwhelming. Both have their fervent supporters and have distinct advantages and disadvantages. This article aims to offer an unbiased comparison, considering various user preferences and needs, to help you make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle and work requirements. […]

The Importance of Regular Mac Checkups – Preventing Costly Repairs

For Mac users, ensuring the longevity and optimum performance of your device is paramount. Regular checkups can play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your Mac, helping to identify potential issues early on and preventing costly repairs down the line. This article will delve into why routine maintenance is essential for your Mac […]


MacBook Owner’s Survival Guide Against Liquid Damage

If you’re in the habit of using your MacBook in areas like cafes, restaurants or even your kitchen table – you’re running the risk of having liquids spilled on it. Subsequently damaging your $2,000+ MacBook – I.e. the dreaded “Liquid Damaged MacBook.” Should this ever happen to you, here’s what you should do: 1. Turn […]


3 present technological trends that could increase your quality of life

With all the craze about the current trends being in VR/AR, cryptocurrency and AI, it’s easy to miss the current developments in technology that are going on right now that are improving the lives of New Zealanders. We summarised some key points from NZTech’s chief excecutive, Graeme Muller: 1. NZ Jobs in Digital Technologies come […]

What to do when your iPhone is liquid damaged

Your iPhone probably cost you hundreds of dollars – and you take it everywhere with you (while you eat/drink, shower, in the rain etc.). This is why many people have lost their phones to liquid damage. They also find out that Apple’s 1 year warranty doesn’t cover liquid damaged phones. So what should you do if […]

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Make your Mac move! Speed up your slow device with help from ACL

It’s not okay for your Mac to lock up when you’re trying to download or watch rich files. Advanced Computers – experts in both PC and Mac – has lots of ideas to make everything move with more momentum, saving you time, which for many of us is the same as saving money. Here are […]


Back Up Options – Choose HD, Cloud or Software

Back Up Options – Choose HD, Cloud or Software Tips on backing up your files As we become more dependent on technology to help accomplish our everyday tasks, we tend to forget how easily the information stored on our computers can be lost. Imagine what would happen if your computer was misplaced, damaged, or even […]

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Winter Has Arrived… Here’s How To Keep Your Computer Clean

Computers have to be kept in a specific environment to function efficiently. Cold, dust and excessive humidity all can damage and lessen the performance of a computer. External and internal temperatures especially cause fluctuations of performance. Here are three major winter factors on your computer maintenance. We recommend your computer should be cleaned every three months, including […]