Yes, we do trade-ins! Here are the details of what we would like you to bring in store

Trade in your laptop

July news from Advanced Computers

Yes, we do trade-ins! 

The life cycle of computers has become shorter than ever. It’s a good idea to move on to new technologies smoothly, to avoid

  • Data loss
  • Personal privacy
  • The hassle of trading in the second-hand market

At Advanced Computers, we have a special division providing one stop shop service for your trade-in needs.

What condition does my computer have to be in?
Advanced Computers are happy to accept trade-ins of computers that are damaged or faulty (water damage not included).

My computer is quite old, can I still trade it in?
Provided your computer meets our criteria above, Advanced Computers doesn’t put age restrictions on trade-ins. Please be aware that very old computers (older than 5 years) have very little value and the trade-in price will reflect this.

How much discount will I get off a new computer by trading my old one in?
The trade-in value of your computer will depend on its age, specifications and condition.  Our trade-in appraisals are very competitive and combined with our everyday low prices on new computers trading in is a handy alternative to selling your old computer privately.

Trade-in appraisal cost
A full trade-in appraisal is also free provided you accept our trade-in offer and trade your computer in on a new model.
If you decide not to trade-in your computer after a full appraisal has been completed, we charge a small fee of $20 inc. GST to cover the time we spend carefully appraising your computer’s value.
Please feel free to contact Advanced Computers team at 094448823 for more details. We open 6 days a week (Mon-Fri 9:30am – 6pm, Sat 10am – 4pm).

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