3 present technological trends that could increase your quality of life


With all the craze about the current trends being in VR/AR, cryptocurrency and AI, it’s easy to miss the current developments in technology that are going on right now that are improving the lives of New Zealanders.

We summarised some key points from NZTech’s chief excecutive, Graeme Muller:

1. NZ Jobs in Digital Technologies come with a median salary of DOUBLE the national average

“The nationwide Digital Skills Study released at the end of last year found digital jobs are increasing twice as fast as graduates are being created. The median annual salary is now $82,000, almost twice that of the average Kiwi,” says Graeme.

To support this case, the Digital Renumeration Report summary for January 2018 found the following:

  • Median base salary for IT salaries was $93,500 in Auckland (up from $82,000 in 2017)
  • Median contracting rate was $95 per hour in Auckland (up from $90 in 2017)

Some of the self-reported benefits of having an IT job was related to flexible working hours, Mobile phone allowance and Healthcare.

We can clearly see an increasing trend and demand for those with relevant qualifications in the tech space, and could be an attractive industry to enter for financial security (might not be too late to start learning since digital jobs are increasing twice as fast as people are graduating!).


2. Could Smart Homes help you regulate your home’s temperature, dampness or mould?

Did you know dampness / mould can contribute to poor health? For example, a study estimated that 1,600 Kiwi deaths in the past year may have been due to cold and damp housing.

People (especially children) who are exposed to cold or damp housing can become victims of respiratory problems, asthma and cardiovascular diseases.

One solution to this problem is through Whare Hauora’s mission to help Kiwis by installing sensors, either free of charge or at a reduced rate to help people measure the cold and dampness of their homes.

With increased research and development into building cost-effective sensors, New Zealanders will be able to keep themselves and their families healthier.


3. Medical Drone Deliveries

Drone deliveries are a real thing! Currently China is way ahead of the world as JD.com delivers their packages to rural areas via drones – a method that is cutting delivery costs by up to 70% (due to the winding mountain roads that slow down traditional delivery methods).

Luckily New Zealand is not too far behind, as our regulatory environment is much more progressive than other parts of the world (unlike the U.S.).

With these developments, trials are being carried out by Medical Drones Aotearoa to deliver medicines to rural communities. The big advantage of drone delivery is that it can cut costs and delivery times because it isn’t hindered by traffic or road/terrain infrastructure.


With all these tech developments happening right here in New Zealand, hopefully it reveals some of the positive changes that will come from technological advances.



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