Mac Stuffed? Don’t Give Up!

smoken mac


Apple produces pretty impressive Macbook and iMac computers, but they have their weaknesses, like all technology.

Sometimes your battery won’t charge. It’s hard to tell if you need a new battery or whether your system configuration requires a Battery Updater. Advanced Computers can easily find the answer.

Perhaps your trackpad is failing you, and pressing buttons just presses your buttons?! Not to worry – Advanced Computers can recommend the correct Trackpad Firmware required to bring it back.

Similarly, a non-responsive keyboard may be fixable with the help of Advanced Computers. It may be a case of locating the proper keyboard firmware update.

Even when your Macbook or iMac appears completely dead, don’t panic – the team at Advanced Computers never do, and they’ve seen all sorts of challenges!

Bring us an issue to fix and we’ll give you  $10 off your next repair.  Just follow this link for the discount code. 

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