5 common computer, tablet, and smartphone problems


When you work in the computer-repair industry, certain types of problems are common occurrences. Here are just 5 of the many problems we fix for people on a daily basis:

Cracked laptop casings:

What are laptops if not portable work-machines? If you need to work on the fly then that laptop is coming with you whether it likes it or not. Problem is, when running around with a laptop under your arm it’s so very easy to drop it, and as we all know (laptops + hard surfaces) x gravity is an equation that doesn’t have a positive outcome. Unsightly and annoying, cracked laptop casings compromise the integrity of the inner components of your laptop. Cases are there to prevent dust, dirt, and liquid from reaching the delicate innards of your computer, so it would be a good idea to get something done about the problem now before it escalates.

Cracked tablet and smartphone screens:

This one is so incredibly common, Advanced Computers practically dedicates a whole team just to dealing with it. As you can see, there’s a bit of a pattern here. Whenever you have delicate, portable technology, there will always be close-encounters with the ground. Unlike the rugged Nokia bricks of the bygone days, cellphones and tablets nowadays are very fragile. Don’t feel bad if you are one of the many whose smartphone or tablet has leapt out of your hands; those bad-boys crave freedom at every opportunity they can get! If your expensive device sports a cracked screen, you ought to know you don’t have to toss it away. Bring it to us and we’ll repair the screen at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Poor battery life:

It’s a problem that makes everyone grumpy: batteries never last as long as we need them to. As time goes on, the capacity of batteries diminish (it’s not your device’s fault, it happens to everyone with old age). But there are several things you can do to prolong the life of your battery to keep it chugging along just that little bit longer. First, don’t leave your device plugged in all the time, as it will lose its optimal charge. Don’t leave a charged battery dormant: use it at least once every fortnight. Don’t let Lithium-Ion batteries deplete to zero- always ensure there’s some charge left. Total depletion is only good for older model batteries. And keep operating temperatures down- heat is never good for batteries! But if your battery has breathed its last, guess what? We can swap that out for you, too!

Liquid spills:

One of the most common problems is spilling that flat white or can of coke over your nice shiny computer, smartphone, or tablet. You may shrug to yourself and think that only happens to careless people, but the reality of it is it could happen to anyone who leaves liquids near a computer. If you’re curious about what you can do yourself to mop up the mess, check out our how-to guide on speedy measures to take when disaster strikes.

Slow speeds:

This could be caused by any number of problems, and it’s practically guaranteed that every computer user will experience lack of performance as some point. The causes range from dirt caught in the interior components to viruses clogging up your processes, an undefrag’d hard drive to old-age! If quick fixes such as running a virus scan, defragging the hard drive, or deleting obsolete software doesn’t speed things up, bring your computer in to us. We’ll diagnose and repair the problem in less time than it takes for the old gal to boot up.

Customers come to us with a variety of problems, and over the years we’ve found solutions for every one of them. If you think you have a problem that can’t be solved, let us have a good crack at it and you may be surprised!

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