Be Kind To Your Keyboard – Clean It Up Nice and Extend Its Life

Dirty keyboard

Tips to keep your keyboard clean
The computer keyboard is usually the most germ-infected item in your home or office. A keyboard may even contain more bacteria than your toilet seat. Cleaning it helps remove any dangerous bacteria and keeps the keyboard working properly.

Before cleaning the keyboard, first turn off the computer or if you are using a USB keyboard unplug it. Not unplugging the keyboard can cause other computer problems as you may press keys that cause the computer to perform a task you do not want it to perform.
Many people clean the keyboard by turning it upside down and shaking. A more efficient method is to use compressed air.
A vacuum cleaner can also be used, but make sure the keyboard does not have loose “pop off” keys can be sucked up by the vacuum.
After the dust, dirt, and hair has been removed, spray a disinfectant onto a cloth or use disinfectant cloths and rub each of the keys on the keyboard. Remember, never spray any liquid onto the keyboard.

What to do if a substance is spilt into the keyboard
If the keyboard has anything spilt on it, there is a chance to save it – but not taking the proper steps may destroy it.

Firstly, turn the computer off immediately or at the very least disconnect the keyboard from the computer. Once done flip the keyboard over to prevent the substance from penetrating circuits. While the keyboard is upside down, shake the keyboard over a surface that can be cleaned later. While still upside down, use a cloth to start cleaning the keys.
After it is cleaned leave the keyboard upside down for at least one night allowing it to dry. Once dry, continue cleaning the keyboard with any remaining substance.
If after cleaning the keyboard keys are sticking, remove the keys and clean below the keys and the bottom portion of the key.
Finally, if the keyboard still works but remains dirty or sticky we recommend a keyboard replacement.

We Can Clean…
– Laptops / notebooks
– MacBook Pro
– MacBook Air
– AND we can help with documentation for insurance claims

Cleaning Fans and Keyboards – What we look for
Cleaning your computer, components and peripherals helps keep everything in good working condition, helps prevent germs from spreading, and helps allow proper air flow.

The factors most likely to give your computer a dirty fan include:
– Multiple people near your computer
– Used by people whose hair and skin cells create dust inside it
– Smoking nearby
– Computer tower (hard drive) is on the floor
– Carpeted room
– Eating and drinking near computer
– Children using the computer

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