From our March newsletter: protecting and replacing your iPhone screen

iPhone screen

From our March newsletter…

iphone screen repair

March news from Advanced Computers

Announcing an amazing discount on iPhone repair
for repeat customers!

iPhones are the state of the art devices which Android imitators can’t quite keep up with. At Advanced Computers, we’re highly experienced in repairing both external and internal iPhone damage.
What’s more, we value our return customers so much that anyone who has previously had an iPhone repair with us can return whenever they need a screen replacement and pay just $80 INCLUDING GST.
Drop by our stores and drop yours off any time this month. Remember, we offer different levels of service speed, including one hour repair.

iPhone screen

Customers can’t get enough of our free MacBook Pro battery checkup

Last month’s offer of a free check up service for MacBook Pro batteries has been very succesful. Lots of customers have benefited and learned more about caring for their battery and the computer as a whole.

It was all about teaching the public how to keep a Mac battery healthy when there is so much drain on it from the Retina display, the solid state hard drive, improved speakers, microphones and fan. The free offer was also a good change to examine computers and provide all sorts of diagnostic information and identify when upgrades were needed.
If you have questions about how your Mac is performing, please enquire, request a repair or get a quote. 

iPhone screen

screen protector

Care For Your iPhone Screen
With A Screen Protector – installation available while you wait!

We sell a range of these, beginning at $10 incl GST.

How to apply your glass screen protector

Before applying: Wash your hands to remove any oil and dirt. Also: clean your table top.

1. First of all, clean your phone screen, removing all marks, then dry it with a dry wipe. Any dust particle left on the screen could potentially cause the tempered glass to have a bubble.
2. Next, pull the tab at the top of the glass slowly to remove the clear plastic adhesive from the glass.
3. Slowly lay the glass starting with the earpiece-end first. Line up the cut out around the earpiece and making sure that it is perfectly centred. Then slowly lay the glass down towards the home button.
4. After you have fully placed the tempered glass screen protector on the phone, you will see quickly that the glass will adhere to the screen of the phone.
Within a day any little bubble spots should go away.
Free $10 off Repair Coupon! Simply follow the link below
iPhone screen




iPhone screen


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