Google Glasses taken for a spin on a trampoline

google glasses ball

The latest release on Google Glasses shows them being taken for a spin (quite literally) on a trampoline.

(Video: Acrobatics in the comfort of your own home)

The dizzying footage demonstrates the Glasses cinematography capabilities, delivering a first-person perspective in decent resolution and focus, to make it seem like you are the acrobat performing flawless backflips.

The video was posted to the Google+ Photography Conference gallery, where more footage from testing of the Google Glasses can be found.

Blogger and photographer, Jim Goldstein, was one of the lucky people allowed to test-drive the Google Glasses at the Photography Conference. He described the Glasses as light and easy to wear, but designed for right-eye dominant people.

Unfortunately, Google co-founder Sergey Brin declared that the Glasses are still in their testing phase: “These are not beta, these are not alpha; these are, you know, kind of rough off the lab floor.” So it will be a while before they are released to the public.

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