Apple’s newest super-laptop unveiled

Apple’s newest super-laptop

Apple unveiled its newest Macbook Pro on Tuesday, to the adoring gasps of millions of fans around the world.

Weighing in at 2.03kg (4.46 pounds) and standing at a mere 1.8cm (0.71 inches), the new Macbook Pro is the lightest and thinnest full-scale laptop Apple has ever created.

Apple’s newest super-laptop

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Apple proudly totes the specs that make this laptop so special, and indeed they are impressive. The retinal display crams a whopping 5.1 million pixels onto one screen, giving superb clarity and detail. Apple explains that it is because images don’t sit behind the glass, they are the glass, meaning you see straight at them instead of looking through an extra layer.

The new Macbook Pro has also undergone intensive internal upgrades. It features third-generation Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors, which (no surprises here) Ultrabooks have, too. So naturally it’s fast, supporting up to 16GB of superfast 1600MHz memory. It has 768GB internal storage, a 7 hour battery life, and a standby period of 30 days.

Sounds cool, right? Indeed it is, because the cooling system is now featured on 3 sides of the Macbook Pro to ensure internal components remain at an acceptable operational temperature.

Apple emphasises the speed of the Macbook Pro as being 4x faster than traditional hard drives, thanks to flash storage. Heavy apps like Aperture or Final Cut Pro are executed with the same fluidity and ease as a regular computer. Also, because flash doesn’t have any moving components, the Macbook Pro won’t sound like an airplane taking off when you start ‘er up.

Apple certainly timed the release of the new Macbook Pro to a T. Just when the market was gearing up to lavish all its attention on the (still remarkable) Ultrabooks, the Macbook Pro sweeps them all away with an impressive unveiling. Apple surging back to reclaim its spot at the forefront of the technology-race comes as no surprise. Now the question is, can anyone go one better?

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