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It’s fair to say that the team at Advanced Computers are very much PC and Windows fans. We have been selling, servicing and repairing PCs since 1998 and we are not afraid to say we have a lot of love for Windows based PCs. We also don’t believe you have to pick a side when it comes to the Mac vs. PC debate. Can you be a fan of Macs and PCs? You-betcha! Advanced Computers are proud to now offer a wide range of repair and support services for Apple Mac computers. And of course we still love PCs!

How Advanced Computers can help

Advanced Computers can fix all sorts of troublesome issues on your Apple / Mac computer or laptop including:

– Hardware faults such as motherboard failures, damaged sockets and plus, power issues including battery replacement, cracked or damaged screens as well as hard drive issues and damage
– Software related issues including corrupt operating systems, virus removal and protection
– Data recovery on damaged hard drives as well as data transfer between old hard drives and new computers or hard rives
– Upgrades including memory (RAM) and hard drives

Advanced Computers can also repair your damaged apple computer as part of an insurance claim as we are an authorized repairer for most leading insurance companies. Where an insurance repair is not required, inspection fees start from just $50 and we have a 48 turnaround period for all inspections.

Apple devices we can repair

Chances are if you have an Apple or Macintosh device we can repair it! Advanced Computers regularly repairs a variety of Apple electronic devices including iPods, iPads, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacPros and iPhones.

If your Apple or Mac device needs a little TLC, simply pop into our store or contact us for more information.

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