7 spring clean tips to keep your computer happy

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As the days get warmer and longer, it’s a good time to get into the mood of spring cleaning. While you’re busy thinking about which task to tackle first, why not start with the less physically laborious one – your computer? Computers need maintenance like any other household items – giving it a thorough clean will help it stay fast and responsive! So what should you do to clean your computer? We’ve got some tips to help you get started:

1. Strengthen your security 

There is no shortage of computer threats out there, so it’s essential to check that your anti-virus software is running and up-to-date. If you don’t have one installed, it’s a good time to invest in one now or just turn on the security features included in your computer to safeguard your data and system. Scan your computer regularly for malware, viruses, or malicious files, and remove them immediately to keep your computer in optimal shape.

2. Backup your important files

You may think the risk is low, but when your computer really crashes out of nowhere, you will thank yourself for going through the hassle of backing up. Good ways to back up important files, precious photos or documents are saving duplicate copies on an external hard drive or on the cloud. There are a number of free cloud storages you can consider using.

3. Uninstall programs you don’t use

The more software or programs you install, the more space it takes up on your system. Overloading your system can slow down your computer. If your computer takes a while to boot, you may want to remove the programs you don’t use often (chance are they are running in the background slowing things down!). You’d be amazed how much faster your computer runs after freeing up a chunk of space.

4. Declutter your inbox

It’s easy to leave emails in your inbox and let it grow out of control. Now’s a good time to organise them – delete any mails you don’t need like spams or advertisements and file important mails into different folders so you can easily access them in future.

5. Tidy up your desktop

Got a desktop full of files and shortcuts? It’s convenient to save everything directly on your desktop, but it won’t be long before it’s covered with a forest of thumbnails, making it more difficult to find what you want. We recommend cleaning your desktop every now and then for quicker access of files. This means deleting any shortcuts you aren’t using, files you haven’t opened in years, or icons taking up clutter.

6. Keep your system up-to-date

We know it’s easy to delay new updates when you are in the middle of something. However, updating your computer comes with numerous benefits. It increases protection against new malware/ viruses, adds new functionality, fixes bugs and improves performance. If your operating system is not the latest version, it’s a good idea to schedule one soon.

7. Clean the exterior too

Last but not least, clean the exterior of your computer, monitor and sanitize your keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. Consider also wiping down your computer desk entirely for a full spring clean!

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