5 Tips for Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8

Time is running out for Windows XP users. Soon it will see the end of all official support — including security upgrades — from Microsoft. To protect yourself and take advantage of the many productivity enhancements that Microsoft’s more recent operating systems have to offer, it’s time to step up. Here are five tips to […]

Windows 8.1

Tips to help you get comfortable with Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 was released on October 17 this year as an upgrade to the amazing (yet somewhat controversial) Windows 8. Since its release it has received millions of downloads worldwide and critics are claiming that it was a much needed upgrade that helps bring back the familiar feel of the older operating systems whilst at […]

Windows 8

Windows 8: how do you use it?

Windows 8 can be a bit confusing, even for the veteran Microsoft fan. When I first was given the chance to play around with it the first thing that stumped me was the lack of a ‘Start’ button. No start button? But Windows always has a start button. Without a start button how can I […]

windows 8

How Windows 8 can benefit your business

Windows 8 is the newest darling of the Microsoft Corporation, and is touted as the best thing for businesses since sliced bread. Microsoft has updated and upgraded a number of features and components in the Windows 8 package, like the boot solution, recovery options, portability, and Client Hyper-V, all of which are designed to speed […]