April 7 – Damaged Data: Prevention is the Best Cure

data damaged

Result IT is the sister of Advanced Computers. We care about keeping data robust and reliable.

There are four main threats to your data, and we’re warned about these all the time. But have you ever stopped to think what specifically you are protecting your data from?

Data Threat #1: IT System Failure

When an IT system experiences a failure, data loss is a common side effect. When a computer hard drive crashes, all of the data it holds can potentially be lost forever.

Data Threat #2: Site Disaster

If your corporate data sits on laptop computers and storage devices inside your office, fires, floods and earthquakes could be catastrophic for your data.

Data Threat #3: Human Error
Human error can create the most severe problems. Slippery fingers on a keyboard can bring down entire companies. Also, some people have ulterior motives, and giving the wrong people access to your data, or trusting your data with an organisation that does not employ sound processes and procedures.

Data Threat #4: Network Security Breach

Just ask Ashley Madison’s clients about the impact that security breach had on their lives.


So, now you’re convinced you’re going to need cloud storage, here are the five aspects that cloud storage must cover.

  1. Security
  2. Can be restored easily if data damaged
  3. Retention
  4. Service – this must be reliable and regular.
  5. Compliance with data security, especially regarding financial law

This month’s offer:

Result IT’s cloud data storage solution starts from $7.50 per month (subject to system evaluation) and comes with a 30 day free trial and free system evaluation this month only (initial setup fee may apply.)

Result IT’s auto back-up solution (including disaster recovery) starts from $599 incl GST (subject to backup evaluation). This month, we’re throwing in a free external hard drive worth $149, plus free backup evaluation.



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