Microsoft Office 2019 is now here!


Microsoft has launched the long-awaited Office 2019, packed with a full range of new features to help you become more productive!

With new features like inking tools, data types, functions, built-in translation and more…

This new version of Office looks like it’s going to make a huge splash for both personal and corporate users!


What’s The Difference Between Office 2019 and Office 365?

There’s a big difference between Office 2019 and Office 365:


  • Office 2019 — is a one-time purchase, which won’t get feature updates after you buy it. New security and/or quality updates will be provided of course, but you won’t get any new tools or functions from updates. You also need to be using the Windows 10 Operating system to run Office 2019.
  • Office 365 — is a subscription-based service, which is great because it has the advantage of getting more updated features and collaboration tools. It’s powered by the Microsoft cloud, which means you can connect to this service wherever you have internet access (so it can be accessed via your mobile phone, laptop, desktop etc.)


Because Microsoft understand that not all users want to use the cloud (i.e. have to be connected to the internet all the time), that’s why they offer Office 2019 as an alternative for these types of users.


New Features Coming With Office 2019

There’s a slew of new tools and features that’s coming with the release of Office 2019.

For example…


#1. You’ll be able to add Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files to your documents, worksheets and presentations.

You know when you click and drag to increase an image size, the image quality tends to drop significantly and becomes more “pixelated?”

Well, with Scalable Vector Graphics, you can expand or contract image sizes at NO loss of quality!


#2. Built-in Translator — Office 2019 comes with a built-in translator, so you can translate words, phrases and other text selection.

Basically, this means that you won’t need to have to resort to copy and pasting in words into Google translator or any other type of online translating tool.

Because everything is in one place, it’ll help improve your productivity!


#3. Find Attachments easily within your documents — If you’re like us and you always seem to be “losing” attachments sent in your emails…

Then this new feature will be a game-changer for you!

Now you can easily find any files that have been sent to you via email. Inside Microsoft Word, just click File > Open > Shared with me to instantly find all the files that have been sent to you as an attachment!


#4. LaTeX equation support — this particular feature is more for the power users and mathematicians…

But basically, this allows you to create your own math equations using LaTeX syntax.


#5. Powerpoint motion animations — You can now make smooth animations, transitions and object movements across your Powerpoint slides with Microsoft’s new “Morph” feature.


#6. Ever needed to skip or revisit a slide during mid-presentation? If you give presentations using Powerpoint, you’ll love this feature.

Microsoft has added a new feature called “Zoom” — and it can take you from one slide to the next, during your presentations! Move around in any order you like — you can skip ahead or revisit slides without having to interrupt or close and restart your presentation.


#7. Control your Slideshow… From your pen — To be more specific, you can now use your Microsoft Surface pen (or any other pen with a Bluetooth button) to advance your slides


#8. Several new Excel functions — Ever tried to join or split up sentences in Excel? It’s a pain and requires a long formula to do so…

But now, they’ve added new Excel functions like TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, IFS and more!


#9. Make hand-drawn “notes” with your finger, mouse or pen. The new “Inking” feature lets you draw on your slides or documents — so you can make notes, highlight text and more.


#10. New charts and diagrams – Microsoft has added several new diagrams and charts like the Organization Chart, Brainstorming, SDL templates and more.



As we mentioned earlier, Office 2019 will be a one-time purchase (unlike Office 365 which uses a subscription-based pricing).

Currently, Office Home and Student 2019 is $199.00 from Advanced Computers, and Home and Business is $379.

While it does require an upfront investment — Office 2019 comes with many features that will be worth it for you if you can use the features we have listed above.

A Monthly Alternative

If the one-time purchase of Office 2019 isn’t within your budget, then you may want to consider the Office 365 alternative.

It offers many of the great features of Office 2019 — starting at $8.30 per month ($6.90 for annual commitment).

As a bonus, you’ll also get a range of collaboration tools that can be very helpful if you’re often on the move and need to access your documents remotely.

If you are not on the Office 365 currently, we provide a review service where we can give you a quick rundown of how Office 365 can help you for your specific situation.

If you’d like us to handle this for you, please feel free to contact us at 09 444 8823 for more details. Advanced Computers is a Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Provider, so you can leave it to us to help you get your Office 365 working quickly and smoothly.

And for the readers of our newsletter and blog, we’re offering a $20 discount! Just let us know that you’re a subscriber and we’ll slash $20 off the quoted price.

We open 6 days a week (Mon-Fri 9:30am – 6pm, Sat 10am – 4pm).

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