6 ways to cool your MacBook this summer

macbook on table

Is your Mac too ‘hot’ to touch? MacBooks sure are trendy, but one common issue users experience is overheating, which can be due to reasons such as device getting old, needing maintenance and too many files or apps operating. It can be irritating for users and can even cause unexpected shutdowns (not great if you haven’t saved your work!). If your MacBook is overheating, try some of our tips below to cool it down.

Stay away from soft surface

Soft surface such as a bed, pillow or your lap can block air ventilation and affect heat dispersion on your MacBook. Using it on a hard, flat surface like a table or desk is best for temperature control.

Avoid third-party apps

Third-party apps (especially Google Chrome) use more CPU resources than they should. To see which apps are taking up CPU resources, open Activity Monitor and click on the CPU tab. Double click and hit “quit” on the apps that are taking up most of the spaces.

Minimise tabs and apps

Reduce your system’s workload by running fewer apps at once and closing unused tabs on your browser. Try to avoid running multiple apps that demand more system resources e.g. Photos and iTunes

Check your fan

Use Apple Hardware Test (devices made prior to June 2013) or Apple Diagnostics to test if your cooling fan is functioning properly. The test only takes a few minutes and will provide a report on any hardware issues.

Do some cleaning!

Sometimes, all your Mac needs is a good clean. Dust and grime collected over the years are bad for air circulation. Grab your screwdriver, open the bottom panel and use a little brush to remove dust and dirt. Focus cleaning on the cooling fan, vents and along the entire back edge of your Mac to maximise airflow.

Keep your Mac current

It’s important to keep updating your Mac to ensure it’s performing at its best. Apple periodically releases free updates on their primary operating system MacOS. New versions of MacOS contain new features and security fixes to keep your Mac safe, efficient and away from overheating!

Need help cleaning your Mac?

We’re happy to take care of your Mac for you, this includes removing those nasty old grimes inside the hardware. Contact us on 0800 622 349 (MacFix) for more details.

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