5 Ways to Protect Your iPhone

Broken Phone

Our iPhones play huge roles in our daily lives – they are our assistants, communication devices, calculators, navigators and more. The truth is they have become a necessity rather than an accessory. However, just like any other electronics, they have a lifespan, so it’s vital we take care of our iPhones. We share some tips here on how to maintain your device and keep your iPhone in good condition!

Choose the Right Case

The vast range of designs available for iPhone cases can make choosing the right one harder. A good way to start is by assessing whether the case is solid (i.e. it’s not flimsy, easily breakable or loose around the phone), then work your way down the list of priorities. If safety is your priority, make sure you choose a model with these similar features: rubbery bumper for jolts and falls, a sticky grip to prevent slippage, and a hard backplate to protect against scratches (which can decrease your iPhone’s resale value).

Get a Screen Protector

Phone cases protect the exterior of our phones but it doesn’t quite do the job for the screen. It can be a nuisance to find scratches or breakage on the phone screen, not to mention it lowers the resale value too! If you have an expensive new iPhone, we recommend avoiding the less durable plastic screen protectors. Instead, try invest in a solid screen protector like thermal glass – they are tougher on scratches and drops.

Use Find my iPhone + Other Useful Apps

Preventing your phone from being stolen is as important as protecting it from being damaged. Think how much personal information thieves can access once they break through your passcode! So, if you haven’t yet, download Find My iPhone and register your Apple devices. This app allows you to locate your devices and remotely remove data if it’s been stolen. With older models of iPhone, thieves can easily erase and restore the phone which stops Find My iPhone from working. If you want more security, you may want to try other anti-theft apps on the market such as Prey or FoneHome.

Waterproof it

If you love going to beaches, pools or doing outdoor activities, it may pay to invest in a waterproof case that shields your phone completely away from moisture. While numerous cases tout water-resistant properties, there are cases (or pouches) that provide guaranteed protection from all kinds of moisture and allow you to take stunning underwater photos – It’s a win-win!

Cord Maintenance

Your iPhone’s lightning cable is also subject to wear and tear over time. Replacement can cost you anywhere from $7 – $30 (depending on the length). So it’s a good practise to keep them in a case when travelling as they can easily be tangled by other items in your bag, which induces the tear. Also try a cord winder, which rolls the cable around itself without creating bends or kinks.

Broken Screen?

Until the end of May, Special Screen Replacement for iPhone 6 will be reduced to one price of $99, save up to 35% off our standard price. Please feel free to contact Advanced Computers team at 09 444 8823 for more details.

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