iPhone screen

From our March newsletter: protecting and replacing your iPhone screen

From our March newsletter… March news from Advanced Computers Announcing an amazing discount on iPhone repair for repeat customers! iPhones are the state of the art devices which Android imitators can’t quite keep up with. At Advanced Computers, we’re highly experienced in repairing both external and internal iPhone damage. What’s more, we value our return […]

macbook battery

FREE Check of your Mac battery

With a Retina display, solid state hard drive, improved speakers, microphones and fan, MacBook Pro computers put plenty of strain on their batteries. The question is, How can we keep the battery healthy? “I’ve read in some places newer batteries don’t need to be periodically discharged to zero, I’ve heard that you shouldn’t have the power […]

charging battery

How to treat your batteries better

Our first Advanced Computers newsletter for this year looks at the batteries in our cellphones and laptops and includes 6 tips to keep your battery healthy. Our latest newsletter can be enjoyed via the following link: http://eepurl.com/cx1vOr There are some myths out there about how to treat the batteries in our cellphones and laptops. Many […]

Stay Safe Online

Our November news…

Advanced Computers We have a new newsletter out. This one is packed with advice about how to stay safe online and you can read it here: http://eepurl.com/coHJaj .   Here’s the text, anyway…   Stay Safe Online – Improve Your Internet Habits Today What do your online habits say about you? Here are four ways to make […]

Comparison of solid state vs hard drive processors

Solid state is great – but you’ve still got to back up your data

SSD Drives are truly amazing and they offer the greatest return on investment when it comes to performance. We recommend SSD drives to everyone who cares about fast performance and wants to minimise boot time. However, data recovery is a concern with SSD drives. If your computer dies then you should be able to simply […]

best ever for gaming

Windows 10 Upgraded: 10 top tips

Windows 10 has had an upgrade as it reaches its first birthday. The operating system is described as… Being the best ever for gaming Possessing the most comprehensive security features of any Windows OS Windows Hello biometric sign-in revolutionises personal security Microsoft Edge makes browsing as personal as responsive as Google Chrome Here are ten tips […]

Comparison of solid state vs hard drive processors

August update – Go solid state and save!

Don’t let your hard drive slow you down Solid state drives are described by PC World as “the best single thing you can do for your PC.” A solid state drive (SSD) is the opposite of electromechanical devices such as hard drives which have moving parts. A hard disk drive (also known as a Serial Advanced […]

computer repair

Dust: clean it with care

What do PCs and Macs have in common? We see inside PCs, pads and pods on a daily basis and we’ve discovered what they have in common is dust. You may be one of many people who spend hours in front of a glowing screen and warm hardware each day, scratching your skin. It’s inevitable, […]

microsoft aep for ACL

Advanced Computers and Result IT are now Microsoft Authorised Education Partners

What is the significance of ACL and Result IT joining the AEP programme? Advanced Computers and our sister company Result IT are now a Microsoft authorised education reseller. This means we can get software into schools for cheaper than ever.  The Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP) programme allows us to sell products to qualified educational users […]