3 present technological trends that could increase your quality of life

With all the craze about the current trends being in VR/AR, cryptocurrency and AI, it’s easy to miss the current developments in technology that are going on right now that are improving the lives of New Zealanders. We summarised some key points from NZTech’s chief excecutive, Graeme Muller: 1. NZ Jobs in Digital Technologies come […]

What to do when your iPhone is liquid damaged

Your iPhone probably cost you hundreds of dollars – and you take it everywhere with you (while you eat/drink, shower, in the rain etc.). This is why many people have lost their phones to liquid damage. They also find out that Apple’s 1 year warranty doesn’t cover liquid damaged phones. So what should you do if […]


Re:Scam – A New Way To Fight back Against Scammers

Approximately $12 Billion is lost to phishing scams every year. Furthermore, according to APWG, cybercrime has cost New Zealanders around $257 million in the last year. But Netsafe has developed a solution to help online users fight back against scammers via their program, “Re:Scam.” Re:Scam is an artificiality intelligent software that can mimic human behaviour […]


Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Personal Info Online

The internet is getting more convenient than ever with online shopping, news, games and social media. With all these attractive incentives to be online, there is an ever increasing risk of hackers and other malicious activity. So we at Advanced Computers put together a short list to ensure you can stay safe online. 1. Use […]

Screen of deatmac H

Fix your damaged Mac – $20 off

If you’re receiving the Steve Jobs Screen of Death, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it could be the start of something beautiful. Ring 0800 MAC FIX, arrange for your Mac to get repaired, and if you need an insurance inspection report on the same day, we can easily do that for […]

data damaged

April 7 – Damaged Data: Prevention is the Best Cure

Result IT is the sister of Advanced Computers. We care about keeping data robust and reliable. There are four main threats to your data, and we’re warned about these all the time. But have you ever stopped to think what specifically you are protecting your data from? Data Threat #1: IT System Failure When an […]

smoken mac

Mac Stuffed? Don’t Give Up!

  Apple produces pretty impressive Macbook and iMac computers, but they have their weaknesses, like all technology. Sometimes your battery won’t charge. It’s hard to tell if you need a new battery or whether your system configuration requires a Battery Updater. Advanced Computers can easily find the answer. Perhaps your trackpad is failing you, and pressing […]

iphone brick

When Your iPhone Turns To iStone…

Would you like a truly retro iPhone design? The safe answer is No, Thank you. You may come across this advert, which looks like a hack suggested by Apple itself, telling you there’s an “easter egg” or hidden feature that allows you to “relive the magic” of the past by setting your phone back in time to […]

secure your data

Protecting Your Network: Eight Tips

Digital thieves are constantly on the lookout for data to steal—personal information, financial records, intellectual property, etc. They may then use this data to steal money from bank accounts or to set up credit cards, or they may simply sell the personal information to a third party. Your task is to do all you can […]


Feb 2016 – Ransomware Is Here

Ransomware is a specific type of malware controlled by an organisation which will unlock your device if you pay a ransom.  This Herald report reveals ransomware hit New Zealand years ago. Advanced Computers does not charge a call out fee for on-site repairs and support, so if you suspect you have a virus, give us a call.